Update on Vermont Water Quality Standards

These amendments are being proposed as part of the triennial review of the Vermont Water Quality Standards, as required by the federal Clean Water Act (CWA). The proposed amendments to the Rule consist of four components:

1.Housekeeping changes associated with the transfer of rulemaking authority from the Natural Resources Board (NRB) to the Agency of Natural Resources (ANR) (e.g. replacing references to the NRB with references to ANR), pursuant to Act 138 (2012), Sections 20-28;

2.Revisions to the E. coli criteria for the protection of waters for swimming for consistency with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) guidance under Section 304(a) of the CWA;

3.Numerous technical revisions to toxic substances criteria contained within “Appendix C” of the current Rule, including the addition of criteria for chloride (de-icing salt) for consistency with EPA’s guidance under Section 304(a) of the CWA;

4.The addition of new phosphorus criteria framework for lakes and ponds and wadeable streams to comply with EPA’s National Strategy for the Development of Regional Nutrient Criteria promulgated under Section 304(a) of the CWA.

The full text of the Water Quality Standards, with proposed markup, can be found at:

Water Quality Standards Update

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